My Cloud-Based Programming Setup

Hey guys! I recently put together a pretty sweet programming setup. It allows me to program in Eclipse anywhere, and at any time. All I need is a device with HTML5 capabilities, and I have my entire programming workspace at my fingertips. It was pretty difficult to set up, but it was something I was able to do in about a day’s time. I’ll be posting a tutorial about how I did it soon.

The whole setup uses a VPS with Ubuntu Server 14.04. I then just installed the TightVNC server, and Guacamole (an HTML5 VNC client). It allows me to access Eclipse on any of my computers, phone, tablet, etc. If I go to a friends house and don’t bring my laptop, I can program on their computer without needing to download anything. It also allows me to have a full Linux desktop in my pocket which is useful for all sorts of things on its own.

I also configured mine with a pretty sweet Minecraft development server. It can use Spigot or Bukkit, automatically starts on boot, automatically updates itself, and automatically backs itself up. When I’m ready to test out a plugin, I just export it to my plugins folder, and I can test it on any computer that has Minecraft. That’s not something I’ll be showing how to do in the tutorial though. Just the VNC and HTML5 stuff.

Here’s a quick video showing off the project.

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